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What ???? Community????

You are not the first person in the world to ask the question.

Let us therefore explain in a couple words what the community is all about and the benefit of being a member.

From the moment we became an important player in the Mobility and ANPR world, we received a lot of questions and inputs from all different kinds of stakeholders (mobility experts, Police officers, partners, friends, politicians, universities and many others) in this domain.

We also noticed that we became the interface between these stakeholders and we understood the need the bring these various levels of knowledge together so there could be exchange of information. This gave birth to our community.

We think the success of our community relies on the fact that different genius minds with different background are brought together and brilliant ideas will see the daylight.

The fact that I am invited means that everybody with a positive attitude is welcome

What will the community be able to provide you in return? Well, here we go... You will get new insights into what is happening in the mobility and safety domain, you will meet interesting people (including me) with great insights from different backgrounds. Your inputs can lead to new solutions to tackle existing mobility problems and we have great coffee, which of course is the most important.

Therefore, do not hesitate to contact us. You are most welcome to join.

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