Mobility Optimise user experience, prevent risk

  • improve journey time,
  • detect traffic related incidents,
  • follow traffic fluidity.

From basic traffic light monitoring to integrated information mangement using
  • fixed and mobile cameras,
  • measurements from specific sensors,
  • Google, Waze, social networks, etc.
Hardware and software solutions which provide all the necessary vision and control for today's smart cities.

City well-being:

Reduce pollution, restrict trucks and dangerous substances,
  • limit access of high polluting vehicles in Low Emission Zones,
  • decrease congestion,
  • control routes taken by heavy goods vehicles and vehicles transporting dangerous substances.
Technology and solutions which serve the population while protecting resources and the environment.

Big Data, Artificial Intelligence:

Big Data, artificial intelligence, deep learning, IoT, smart city, clouds... all these concepts come to life with iCar cameras and M³ integration.
  • Automated data collection,
  • Centralised data management,
  • audiovisual signal processing, face recognition, speech recognition, computer vision,

Traffic information, dynamic travel information system, information for users

  • Inform users in real time,
  • Protect people and infrastructures,
  • Relay information using dynamic signs, notification, text messages and e-mails,
  • Enable citizens to interact with their environment,
  • Strengthen the link between decision makers and the community.
Collect and share information to make the right decisions.

Toll or access control:

Define authorisation criteria, monitor traffic flow,

  • Access control

  • monitor access via automatic toll - a system which does not require vehicles to stop

  • Connected car park

Several major European projects

Three major European projects involving mobility and safety with special focus on :
  • Vehicle make and model recognition,
  • Detection of dangerous behaviour using video and audio sensors,
  • Improvement of road safety for vulnerable users including pedestrians and cyclists.

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