Data collection Fast collection and processing of data from a wide range of sensors.

As well as providing control data, the system should also enable operators to:
  • Measure the reactor's radioactivity,
  • Perform physical quantity measurements ,
  • Record disturbance data during unplanned events,
  • Measure and calculate heat balance per unit

Human-machine interface: Get a clear picture of the whole communication process with the control room.

Control room ergonomy, along with lighting, are crucial elements in the control room. The plant's control panel allows operators to monitor the units using a wide range of data sent from sensors implemented throughout the plant. A large quantity of data can be quickly collected, analysed, sorted, archived and presented to the control room operators.

Alarm systems: Define a simple, robust system for alarms to reach the control room operators.

Based on specifications drawn up by the client a full study is carried out covering the mechanical and electrical design of the system followed by certification comprising environmental, EMC and seismic tests. The fully made to measure installations are designed to relay information to the the control room in case of an incident at the plant. Operators receive information in real time and can therefore react quickly.

Simulation: Equip training centers

A substitute control room information system designed to manage the operators' workstations is connected to a process simulator comprising the physical model, automatic actuators and protection system of a nuclear power station.
Various scenarios are set up covering all operational aspects that need to be assessed. Subsequent action is taken.

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