Traffic offences: Remote control of traffic offences

The following situations are captured and recorded:
  • average speed exceeding the speed limit on a specific road section,
  • non authorised heavy goods vehicles,
  • crossing a continous white line,
  • driving on the wrong side of the road,
  • driving through a red traffic light,
  • crossing a level crossing when closed...

Active traffic monitoring: Risk event traffic control (artifical intelligence).

The police conduct traffic controls in specific cases:
  • risk events,
  • proactive search (artifical intelligence),
  • threat prevention,
  • vehicle border control...
These are all carried out in real time and accessible from all screens :
  • PCs,
  • tablets,
  • smartphone.

Safety: Prevent and avoid accidents.

Automatic incident detection is becoming a thing of the past! Permanaent road monitoring used to be carried out using automatic incident detection cameras. Today road safety has gone one step further with the introduction of ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition):
  • compliance with traffic rules
  • detection of any event that can put road users in danger.

Operations: Real time dispatching and event management.

To help increase police efficiency the M³ system centralises all events captured by iCAR cameras in real time. Relevant images are forwarded and videos can be consulted to support the investigation in progress.

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