Turnhout police opts for Macq's Mobility Management (M³) smart technology :

In 2008 the Turnhout police force in Belgium opted for Macq's smart technology to improve the city and its surrounding's safety and mobility. Today over 150 smart cameras are operating 24/7 with an impressive improvement in safety and mobiity. Thanks to highly complex back office controls, anyone breaking the law is no longer protected.
Following the Turnhout success, the neighbouring local police forces decided to adopt the same technology. To further increase their system efficiency the police forces have come together and are now sharing their data.
The positive results following the section controls implemented in Turnhout encouraged the police to make further investments in this area. To that effect more section controls will be implemented in the future. The Turnhout police has emphasised the direct relation between users respecting the speed limits in control sections and the corresponding significant decrease in road deaths

Belgian Federal Police adopt the of use mobile devices (Belgium)

The federal police are using a mobile device fixed to a bridge or on the side of the road to identifiy wanted vehicles and take immediate action.

Using an adapted version of the iCAR-Mobile, the federal police has its own autonomous system for reading number plates which creates a data base of police wanted vehicles.
From the top of a bridge or the side of the road, the mobile device:
  • scans passing vehicles and detects cars wanted by the police,
  • sends an instant message by radio to a waitng police vehicle,
  • the police vehicle then proceeds to pursue the wanted car.

Two camera combined with embedded software are fitted to car bumpers (Belgium)

Identification of wanted or stolen cars is instantaneous. Brussels police have called upon Macq to identify wanted or stolen vehicles.

The cameras are hidden in police car bumpers.

They are combined with software embedded in the vehicle which, using its local database, identifies wanted vehicles and enables immediate intervention.