Energy management
Rational and sustainable energy management

Buildings represent approximately 40% of final energy consumption in the European Union of which half is electricity. There is a large potential in this sector for profitable energy savings capable of reducing global consumption by 11% Examples of this are: operating heating systems in accordance with actual requirements, automatic stand by of office equipment when employees go home.

Access control, fire detection

Access control has migrated to IP solutions making it possible to combine physical access control on the computer network - the backbone of the building. These solutions provide ease of use and the flexible extension means. An IP connexion requires just one cable to connect a module. This reduces installation time and cost. The same criteria apply to fire detection.

Utility functionality:
Lighting, heating, ventilation, technical mangement

Operator interfaces provide full control over the technical installations by displaying data originating from multiple lighting circuits, energy meters, fire detection loops and elevators, pulse generators and heating and cooling units. Thanks to comprehensive data view in real-time, they guarantee infrastructure availability and functionality.

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