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iCAR-G3 brochure

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1. iCAR-CAM is an integrated system that enables to capture vehicles licence plates during day and night time. It is composed of a digital shots unit, an infrared lighting, a processing unit and various algorithms. The system is able to detect and to identify a vehicle licence plate, on the move as well as stationary. The shot happens continuously. No triggering is needed. iCAR-CAM is able to capture a vehicle at between 3m and 30m , depending on the required optical adjustment. One of the many advantages of the iCAR-CAM is the use of high resolution camera with new hyper light dynamic CMOS . Thanks to this technology our system is able to read reflective and over - exposed plates . The system will provide the licence plate stamped in the form of a text and of the picture used for the licence plate reading. This information will then be transmitted via Ethernet or serial link. APPLICATIONS Access control Average speed ( certified ) Travel Time Car park securing Search for stolen vehicles Low emission zone Interdistance Shadow tolling Road safety Traffic analysis Border control Car free city center The intelligent camera for automatic number plate recognition ICAR CAM G3 ICAR CAM G3 MAIN TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS 100% Macq made IP ANPR camera Fully integrated system Proven ANPR software Up to 30 pictures/s analyzed Capture from 3m to 30m Web based interface Fast and easy installation Infrared lighting Operates all weather conditions High definition digital camera Large picture view Network update SSD Memory Low power consumption: 15W Ready to use with

2. ICAR CAM G3 ICAR CAM G3 Sensor type for ANPR Technology B/W High definition CMOS Optical format 1/1.8” Resolution 1280 x 1024 Frame rate 60 fps @ full format Sensitivity High sensitivity at low light level Lens type Pre configured focal distance/ 12–16 –20 –25 –35mm Sensor type for overview - Optional Technology High definition CMOS colour camera Optical format 1/1.8” Resolution 1280 x 1024 Sensitivity High sensitivity at low light level Lens type Pre configured focal distance/ 12–16 –20 –25 –35mm Lighting Technology Pulsed Infrared LED’s synchronized withcamera shutter Operating distance up to 30 m Wavelength 850 nm Processor Type 1iMX.6 Quad Core -ARM Cortex A9 CPU Power cycle Hardware Monitored Communications IP connectivity (Standard) Wireless 802.11 a/b/g 54 Mbps –WIFI (Optional) 3G & GPS Modules (Optional) Environmental Temperature -30° to +60° C -operating Protection grade IP67 | IK6 Housing Dimensions (w/ Sunshield) 143 x 249 x 214 (H x W x D) Weight 3,5kg Brackets Gantry / Pole | Fixtures available on option Materials Coated Aluminum – Fiber reinforced PBT – Inox Colour RAL 7047 (Telegrey) | RAL 7016 (Anthracite grey) Power supply Types Direct 12-24-48VDC | POE or POE+ Current consumption 0.3A @ 48 VDC Power consumption 15W Special features ANPR Camera Range 2m –30m Video streaming RTSP Streaming Server Speed detection 0 to 250 km/h ICAR CAM G3 TECHNICAL DATA


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