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Today's, an always increasing number of ANPR cameras are deployed to capture vehicle identification plates. It is necessary to benefit from a platform that can take full advantage of the huge set of ANPR data's collected and would be capable to translate them back into useful information. This is why Macq has developed the M 3 platform , an innovative concept for managing vast "ANPR" datasets.

Authorize trained 3rd parties can develop their own compatible modules

Open source

To enhance the functionalities of our mobility management software suite, many requests came from partners, developers and reasearch labs. We decided then to make it open and to authorize trained 3rd parties to develop their own compatible modules. Those modules can be activated by any customer at any time.

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Open Source

M³ Modularity
We developed a series of software mobility management modules


All projects are different when it comes to mobility management. To optimize your investments, we developed a series of software mobility management modules over the past decade. They are all grouped under the Macq Mobility Manager software suite umbrella. You can decide to activate a limited set or the full suite according to your needs.

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M 3 suite ready to process and store trillions of bytes

Big data

All of our customers are keen to expand their traditional data sets with all sensor data to get a more complete picture of the drivers behaviours. The big objective, in many cases, is to create predictive models. Macq Mobility Manager has been developed for this and is ready to process and store trillions of bytes.

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Data anonymization
Macq Mobility Manager will protect all sensitive details

Data anonymization

We know that this is an important priority for all. Indeed, some of the data collected, stored and analysed will include sensitive details. We developed a strong expertise in each of the mobility project we deployed. We encrypt or remove personally identifiable information from data sets, so that the people whom the data describe remain anonymous.

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